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Do you want to get yourself some great PR – and quickly?

Winning valuable business awards will help you grow your business, but there’s often a very long wait between entering an award and getting the result you need.

So why wait? Click here to find a few awards open now, and you’ll be able to sing out your success early in the new year.

Employee Wellbeing Awards

The Employee Wellbeing Awards are an independent awards competition that benchmarks and celebrates the great work of employers leading the way in employee wellbeing. They provide the opportunity to celebrate and gain professional recognition at a sparkling evening ceremony, plus they bring together all finalists to share ideas and experience in an afternoon of round tables and discussion groups.

Deadline: 30th October 2018
Awards Finals: 7th February 2019

Complaint Handling Awards

The Complaint Handling Awards recognise the organisations who are dedicated to successful complaint handling. The awards present an invaluable opportunity to celebrate and share in excellent complaint handling methods, while providing a unique platform for companies to praise their hard-working complaint handling teams.

Early bird deadline: 19th October 2018
Deadline: 16th November 2018
Finalists Announced: 30th November 2018
Awards judging and ceremony: 8th March 2019

Transform Awards Europe

The Transform Awards recognise best practice in corporate, product and global brand development work, with categories that focus on strategy, execution, content and evaluation. More than that, it is a platform for organisations to tell their stories and to discuss reputational change.

Early bird deadline: 19th October 2018
Deadline: 1 November 2018
Finalists Announced: December 2018
Awards Ceremony: March 2019

Expert Award Entry Writing

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