Keep Calm and Carry on

No more stalemates, and no more extensions. The UK will leave the EU on 31st January 2020 at 11pm GMT.

Now, as the plucky saying goes, it’s time to ‘Keep Calm and Carry On’.

And one way to do this is to keep demonstrating that your business is strong, thriving and prepared for more national and international sales in 2020!

  • It’s time to SHOUT about your business and to increase market share.
  • It’s time to show you can innovate. To make a positive change in your industry.
  • It's time to show that your business is resilient, stable and future-proof.
  • It’s time to show customers that they can trust you to look after them and their money.
  • It’s NOT time to reduce your brand voice to a whisper and let your competitors take over!

This is the time to use all your results from 2018/19 to win the biggest and best possible awards for your business.


Research shows that award-winning businesses are more profitable, have more engaged employees and stakeholders, and benefit from more valuable PR than their non-award-winning competitors.

Throughout the financial recessions of the last 100 years, the brands who’ve pulled back on their marketing have found themselves overtaken by the successful brands who were brave enough to shift gears and keep going.

And, they found it pretty hard to catch up again once it was all back to normal, they’d effectively handed over their top spot as the market leader.

So to help you see through the potentially tricky transition minefield, look at the awards that can be a fantastic business-strengthener. The awards that will help you meet your growth goals, despite the B-Word.

If you back off now, you will lose out to your competitors, who are continuing to sing about their successes. And we wouldn’t want to see that.

How we can help

We are offering ONE FREE 30 MINUTE post-Brexit awards call to every company who wants to find out which awards they could win in 2020.

Contact us to discuss how awards could help you and get FREE honest feedback on your chances of winning this year.

Don’t delay, like Brexit. Start winning now.

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