Which awards services do you offer?

We can look after as much or as little of the awards entry process for you. Our ‘full-service’ clients – where we manage all aspects of the process from start to finish – are the most successful (9 out of 10 win their awards presentations). Our core services cover each stage of the awards journey:

  • Building a bespoke awards strategy
  • Written awards entries
  • Producing awards presentations

In addition, we can offer other services such as entry reviews, press releases and consultation.

Take a look at our Roadmap to Recognition, which illustrates how you will progress along each step en route to becoming a winner.

How can I get the best value package?

We have different packages that provide a range of benefits – depending on what you’re looking to achieve – and these offer the very best value, with significant savings against the cost of individual services. Our packages include Awards Credits for a varying number of entries / presentations. 

Do you provide any ad-hoc services?

Yes – you can simply choose individual services or products that suit your requirements, such as a bespoke awards strategy or a written presentation. The most cost-effective option is to explore our selection of packages, each of which contains multiple entries or presentations at a discounted rate, offering considerable cost savings. 

How can I spread my payments?

To make it as easy as possible to secure our services, we can be flexible when it comes to payment. Our Awards Strategy is paid in two payments, while some of our packages can be paid for by Direct Debit in monthly instalments.

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