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Over the past 20+ years, John has established himself and his business – FiiT4GROWTH – as thought leaders in the performance coaching space. He has built up significant experience across corporate, consulting, coaching, and entrepreneurial ventures, providing him a unique perspective to support his entrepreneurial and corporate clients. 

He's designed, developed, and delivered global capability academies for a number of large multinational organisations, and has worked with individuals and teams in 33 countries around the world.

John Roussot, founder of FiiT4GROWTH

Recognition for coach/agency partnerships can be highly valuable to both parties, and we've worked with John to take his profile to the next level through the power of awards. He's been delighted with the success he's achieved so far:

John Roussot, Founder, FiiT4GROWTH:

“Overall, very happy with having won 5 Gold Awards and 1 Silver Award in the past 12 months. Awards weren’t even on my radar before KPI and engagement with August. Working with August was one of the best decisions and investments I’ve made to raise my profile in the industry.

The awards programmes we entered helped win wonderful international awards. I’m particularly grateful for the IBXA ’23 Gold award that was won as a joint entry with my largest corporate client, WD-40, as it validated the impact we’re having together, enhanced our relationship, and I believe has led to additional mutually beneficial work together.”


“Donna is a genius in the awards space. She listened to my story, sought to genuinely understand me, my business, values, goals, and achievements, and therefore selected the right awards programmes for me to enter. She was a brilliant guide and a strong supporter.

Lisa is super effective and efficient. I appreciated her support, encouragement, and enthusiasm before, during and after the awards process. Lisa managed me well, getting all the info from me on time to write, review and submit entries. I felt genuinely cared for throughout the process, and enjoyed celebrating wins with both Donna as Lisa as if they were shared wins between us. Great rewards for a fantastic team effort. Much appreciated.”

John Roussot at the British Business Excellence Awards


Feeling inspired? Think you could be an award-winner? Don’t know how or where to start? Then get in touch!

We will consult with you and work on a strategic basis to identify the most suitable and relevant awards that you have the best chance of winning. If you want to start your awards journey, contact us now.

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