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Stand Out From The Competition

Winning a customer experience award is a great way to build loyalty and trust with your customers.

An awards win makes your business stand out, can improve lead generation and boost business growth.

Top Tip: If you are proud of the achievements you have made in creating an excellent customer experience, you could be in line to win an award — but only if you pick the right competitions and then take the time to enter!

There are lots of awards programmes to choose from to recognise your customer service success. So how do you know where to start, when you have a good chance of winning, and which awards will bring the biggest ROI and help you achieve your business goals?

5 Ways to Win Customer Experience Awards

When it comes to selecting awards, there are five possible approaches to take:

1. Industry-Specific Awards

Enter customer-focused categories within specific industry awards. Allowing you to stand out from competitors within your industry.

2. Discipline Specific Awards

Enter a discipline-specific category within a customer service award. This will give you the ultimate recognition for your customer initiatives.

3. General Business Awards

Enter customer-focused categories within general business awards. You will compete against businesses from all other industry sectors, giving you a chance to make new contacts and access to new markets.

4. Local/Regional Awards

Enter customer service categories in your local and regional awards. This will show that you are a great business in your area and help you attract local customers.

5. All Awards

Combine all of these approaches into an awards strategy. This is the most effective all-round, as you can compete in your industry, nationally/regionally/locally and in front of new audiences. You will raise your profile and attract new customers.


If you’re confident you have a fantastic CX initiative and great business results to back it up, get out there and start winning.

And if you need help, our team will help you choose the best awards to enter and write your winning award entries for you.

Get in touch today to speak to a member of our team.

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