We can help you choose the right awards for your business, write your award entries, create your awards presentations, and train your team to win.

We offer our experience with the confidence that we can give you reliable commitments, resources, and outcomes.

Our services are offered done for you, done with you, or done by you.

Find out more about our award services below.

Awards Accelerator

Join us on an 4-week journey — from awards uncertainty to awards master plan.

Join our exclusive 5-star awards training programme. You will learn everything you need to find, enter and win awards in 2024 and far beyond.

Awards Strategy and Planning

If you don't know where to start, we do.

Let us draw you a map, and offer you directions — from our experience of what it's like to take each path to the winners' podium.

Awards Entry Writing

We'll research the details, coordinate your best advocates, and find the words to make sure the world knows why your achievements mean so much, to so many, that you deserve an award!

Awards Presentations

Putting on a good show, has become an essential skill for everyone with a career in communicating on behalf of their perseverant teams.

We've created many presentations, and seen so many more. Let us make sure you stand out for the right, award-winning reasons.

Awards Event Consultancy

We wish everyone could win, but winning only means something when it's judged on merit, to be the best in that place and time.

The integrity, ethics, and accessibility of your awards programme is the essence of your aspirational brand.

Use our experience of so many awards events, to make sure that yours shines.

The King’s Awards for Enterprise

Winning the most prestigious of awards in the UK takes an extraordinary level of achievement, and further skill to convey this.

We're proud to have worked with winners of the King's Awards and, if you think you have what it takes, we'd be pleased to discuss your potential.

Personal Branding

If you are a Key Person of Influence, your online profile should convey expertise, topical authority, trust, and relevant informative content.

Let us audit and help refine your personal brand to broaden your engaged audience, reach your ideal clients.

It's who you know and trust

For everything else related to awards, we are happy to recommend the services that we have found to work to the same high standards, in their speciality and unique capabilities.

Please let us know if you need referrals and introductions — and if we can do the same in recommending your good services, too.