Do you have any awards tools that can help me and my business?

Yes – we have three awards tools that can both be completed online in less than 5 minutes:

  1. The Win Business Awards scorecard
  2. The Awards Generator
  3. The Awards Persona Generator
  4. The Get Awards Ready scorecard

What is the difference between your awards tools?

The Win Business Awards scorecard has been developed to measure your potential to win prestigious business awards by analysing performance across the six pillars of awards success. It's ideal if you're unsure whether you're ready to enter and win awards, as you will receive a % score at the end.

The Awards Generator helps you to grow your profile and your business by entering the awards that match your achievements. On completion, you will instantly receive a bespoke business awards list as well as revealing your specific awards-animal. This tool is perfect if you are ready to enter and win awards, but are not sure which awards are right for you.

The Awards Persona Generator has been created to help you identify how you typically approach award entries – and what you need to do to increase your chances of success. Simply answer a selection of short questions to reveal your individual Awards Persona for FREE in under 5 minutes.

The Get Awards Ready scorecard will point you in the right direction if you are keen to grow your business by winning awards but don’t know if you have what it takes or where to start.

Do you have an awards list I can use?

Yes – in addition to our range of business awards lists for specific industry / business types, you can also get a bespoke awards list when completing our online Awards Generator.

Is there a cost for these awards tools?

No – they are all completely FREE to access and use.

Where can I see what each awards tool includes?

The table below illustrates how each awards tool works, and what you get when completing each one:

Win Business Awards

Click below to start the Win Business Awards scorecard:

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Click below to start the Awards Generator:

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