How do I know if I can win awards?

Our FREE Win Business Awards Scorecard can be easily and quickly completed online in less than five minutes. This helpful tool benchmarks your current ability to win awards and identifies how to increase your chances of winning awards in the future, with a handy report supplied on completion.

What size does my business have to be to win awards?

Often, your business can be any size with no minimum or maximum requirements. Whether you’re an individual, team, SME or a large corporate organisation, a wealth of awards are out there for you.

Selected awards have specific criteria, like The King’s Awards for Enterprise, which require a minimum of two staff members.

Can I enter an award with my client?

Yes – you can enter as a partnership with one of your clients if you’ve been working on a specific project together for mutual benefit.

Do I need to be in profit to win awards?

It is not essential to be in profit for most awards; however, it can be helpful to include your most recent business plan to show how you are looking to strategically grow and develop over the next 1/2/3 years.

Do I need to show growth in turnover to win awards?

While demonstrating that your business has grown is good, not all awards look at finances. You can win even without growth if you’re able to supply an effective and successful client project.

How many client projects do I need to win an award?

You will need to reference just one client project that includes a strong case study explaining the objectives, how you set about achieving these and a summary of the outcomes – including measurement of these in a range of metrics.

Are there any particular awards I should avoid?

It is best to avoid awards that fail to meet your business or personal goals, and we definitely don’t recommend getting in touch with awards that email you to say you’ve ‘been nominated’ – accompanied by a request for money to ‘win’ or feature on some kind of list.

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