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This Mental Health Awareness Week, we’re shining a light on the award programmes and categories whose aim is to highlight the organisations supporting their employees through mental health initiatives.

In the workplace, more and more employers are making services and tools available to their employees to help support them. From being able to take personal days, access to counselling and training for managers on how to communicate effectively with employees who may suffer with their mental health.

With the awareness of mental health growing, the awards industry has recognised this and are now offering categories to recognise the businesses going out of their way to support their employees and mental health in a real way.

Winning awards for your organisation’s mental health initiatives will show you are a great place to work and attract new talent, boosting your recruitment and growth. Plus, you can use the third-party recognition to motivate your team to invest even further in mental health support and become a leader in your industry.

Take a look at just some of the award programmes and categories, recognising and rewarding organisations for their mental health support initiatives.


Mental Health Awards logoMental Health Awards

The Mental Health Awards are a celebration of successful interventions and inspirational stories of people who have experienced recovery. Since 2019, organisations, services and individuals have been awarded for their relentless work toward making a difference in their communities. This award symbolises hard work and heart-felt devotion.

Inside Out awards logoInside Out Awards

The Inside Out awards celebrate organisations and individuals across industries, showcasing leadership, innovation and best practice in focusing on the mental health agenda at work.

With categories including; Best Mental Health Initiative, Mental Health First Aid and Wellness Consultancy of the Year.

Mind logoMind Workplace Wellbeing Index

The Mind Workplace Wellbeing Index is a benchmark of the best policy and practice, designed to celebrate the good work employers are doing to promote positive mental health, and to provide key recommendations on the areas where there is room to improve. It is the first benchmark dedicated to workplace mental health in the UK, and all organisations taking part in the Index are contributing towards cutting-edge research on workplace wellbeing.

Engage Awards logoEngage Awards

Category: Best Employee Wellbeing Strategy

Criteria: This Award will go to the organisation that has implemented a strategy to support and improve the wellbeing of its employees’ mental, financial and physical health. The implementation of the employee wellbeing strategy must be measurable and have made a positive contribution to the overall employee experience offering.

Personnel Today logoPersonnel Today Awards

Category: Health & Wellbeing Award

Criteria: This award is for organisations who can demonstrate how specific employee health, fitness or wellbeing initiatives are making a positive impact on performance. Judges will be looking for evidence of the organisation’s commitment to staff welfare and the benefits enjoyed by both the employees and the organisation. This may be in terms of a positive impact on staff satisfaction, motivation, or productivity.


The awards industry is ever-changing and updating as the world grows and changes.

Not too long ago, an award-winning employee well-being strategy would have been if an employer provided free fruit and break-out spaces, now we know employees need and value much more impactful support.

As the conversation around Mental Health continues, award programmes and categories will become more available to recognise the organisations implementing important mental health initiatives.

This Mental Health Awareness Week, think about whether your organisation is doing all it can to support employees, or if you have an initiative you are proud and passionate about – let the world know by entering and winning awards.

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