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The King's Awards for Enterprise competition is one of the most prestigious awards in the world, recognising exceptional UK businesses.

You might be wondering if entering the competition is really worth it, and how it could benefit you.

Read on to find out how winning a King’s Award can be transformational for your business.


HiB flying QAE flag at Inspire House e1684495226609
HiB flying the King's Award for Enterprise flag at their headquarters, Inspire House

Winner’s can use the awards official emblem across marketing products for five years. This means you can include it on your website, email signatures, vans, signage, and even fly a flag with the emblem at your business premises. This is a great way to show your customers and employees that you are an award-winning business that they can trust.


In addition, you will also receive a fabulous crystal trophy or bowl from your Lord Lieutenant of your County, which is a brilliant PR opportunity. This is a great way to celebrate your achievement with your team, partners, customers, and everyone who contributed to your success. Over the years, businesses have thrown some fabulous parties and celebrations for winning the King's Awards.

SwimTrek celebrating winning a King's Award for Enterprise on Brighton seafront with the Lord Lieutenant of Sussex.


Furthermore, you will also get to attend a reception at Buckingham Palace, which is an incredibly exciting opportunity for any business owner. This is not only a great experience for you, but also a fantastic way to get some great photographs for your PR.


Winners of The King’s Awards for Enterprise have reported improvements across the business;

  • 77% of winners have reported increased commercial value for the business
  • 73% of winning businesses have seen employee engagement increase
  • 73% of winners benefited from additional press coverage in local, national and industry press
  • 57% of International Trade winners received increased recognition from overseas

Most importantly, 85% of winners have said winning The King’s Awards for Enterprise have met or exceeded their expectations.

Like most awards, it’s how you respond and utilise a win that can determine how much success you achieve off the back of the win.

An award like The King’s Awards for Enterprise needs to be shouted about. It is a huge achievement that is a fantastic tool to win new customers, clients, contracts, stakeholders and for recruitment. It is also a great statement to say to your existing contacts, ‘The King has recognised us as one of the best businesses in the UK!’

SciChart KAE winner case study


To be eligible to enter the King's Awards, you need to have a minimum of two employees and be based in the UK.

There are four different categories that you can enter; Innovation, International Trade, Sustainable Development, or Promoting Opportunity through Social Mobility.

Each category has its own criteria that needs to be met, but in general, you have to show that you're a good business doing good things in society and link your commercial results to your product, service, or business model.

The King's Awards for Enterprise competition is a fantastic opportunity for any UK-based business to showcase their achievements and get recognition of the highest level. If you fit the criteria, take the first step and contact our team to support you to enter the competition today.

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