My personal awards journey

I started my journey at August Recognition in 2017 as an Operations Assistant. During the first few months of my role, I was immersed in the world of awards – from observing Donna conducting client strategy meetings to attending my first black-tie awards ceremony events.

I was given the opportunity to experience all parts of the awards journey and thereby learn through being actively involved.

Shannon at Wembley Stadium

After gaining industry knowledge during my first 12–18 months – combined with increased confidence – I was able to specialise and shape my role to fit what I wanted to do and where I wanted to go.

I’d expressed an interest in wanting to move into a Marketing position, so with excellent guidance and collaboration with Donna, I moved into a Marketing & Communications Executive role.

I could choose what training I needed to fulfil my new role, and was supported completely as I navigated through my new responsibilities.

The great thing about working for a growing small business is you never stay still for long – priorities change, processes change and roles need to be adapted – it’s exciting, challenging, but definitely never boring!

Team at Goodwood

By 2020, we’d grown to a point where we needed more hands on deck, and we subsequently reviewed my role. This showed where tasks could be moved around and how my role could grow further as personnel increased.

It was at this time I reflected on my skills, what I enjoyed and what the business needed, and realised my strengths were more aligned with operations.

I was then able to establish myself in a new Operations Manager position, becoming the Digital Lead for the business – this has involved assessing and creating new digital assets and tools to drive growth and accelerate scalability as we work with organisations all over the world to win awards.

Celebrating Shannon's 5th anniversary

From Operations Assistant, to Marketing & Communications, to Operations Manager and now Operations Manager & Digital Lead – all within five years.

August Recognition has allowed me to hone my skills, adapt my role, and given me responsibility and accountability, with the added bonus of incredible experiences, including attending events at Wembley Stadium, The Shard, and The Grosvenor House Hotel.

If you’re someone who likes variety, likes to be challenged and wants to work within a supportive team environment where the work we do takes clients on a really positive and exciting journey, August Recognition is the place for you – you’ll never know where your career may take you!


Are you feeling inspired and keen to find out more? We are always interested in hearing from talented, dynamic individuals who have a passion for their work and would like to develop their career.

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