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How well do you know your customers? And how well do they know you?

These are some of the questions that awards judges want to know when you’re entering customer experience awards.

And that's because winning an award for your customer experience has become one of the fastest and most effective ways to build your business. Because as customers, we would like to know that we can trust the brands that we're buying from.

So what better way to cement that idea and really secure that trust, and that social proof, but for customers to actually see that you're winning awards for the kind of customer service that you’re giving.

Reviews vs. Awards

One of the ways that you can prove that you're giving a great customer service, of course, comes from reviews from sites like Trustpilot, and TripAdvisor. And depending on your business, any kind of review sites, including Google reviews, can be really transparent and helpful in showing how well you're looking after your customers.

But other ways that we see reviews, and we understand a brand, is to look at what their employees are saying about them as well. So we might look at things like Glassdoor because that will also give us an insight into how well a brand or a company loves its customers, as well as its employees. There are clues everywhere about how your brand is treating your customers.

Customer Experience Awards

If you're entering a customer experience award, you also need to prove how well you’re looking after your customers. 

So as well as having data to share around how well you're looking after your customers, that could be things like response times, numbers of complaints, how you handle those complaints – companies are always going to get complaints, but it's how you handle them and sort them out that makes a difference.

Judges want to hear about the stories that are making a difference.

“We aim to know what you've done that's different for your customers that maybe other brands in your industry are not doing, and how you're standing out and how you're really thinking about them.

We also don't want to just know about one type of customer, we want to talk about all your types of customers. So what about vulnerable customers? For example? What are you doing to make a difference to them? What are you doing to help them to navigate your website or to utilise different tools so that they can speak to you or not have to speak to you if they don't want to have to speak to you, we can all think of customer experiences that we've had that are not great, we can think of customer experiences that we've had that are great. And actually, we try and think about how we can bring those back into our business and deliver that great customer experience back out.”

Donna O'Toole, International Awards Judge

If you haven't thought about it yet, for this year, winning a customer experience award could be one of the best ways for you to showcase to your existing and potential new customers that you're a great brand to buy from, and then you will really look after them and that you will offer great service.

Winning Customer Experience Awards in 2023

85% of people now want to see both reviews and awards to feel that they can trust in a brand. 

So bear that in mind when you're thinking about your objectives for this year, and how recognition could make that work for you.

It's essential to think about what your overall company goals are, and how recognition can work towards them for you. And winning a customer experience award could be something that really could be a game changer.

It’s time to enter and win!

If you’re serious about showing your customers how much you love them and keep them at the heart of everything you do, you need to be winning customer experience awards!

There are plenty of awards out there to help you achieve this and your business goals, and we can help you find the award programmes for you and support you to win.

Contact our team today to find out how we can help. We can’t wait to support you on your award-winning journey!

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