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There's a well-known saying that the top of one mountain is the bottom of another.

And that rings true in business, particularly when you're scaling a business.

So moving your business up one mountain and onto another can be really, really tough. And that's why there are awards out there specifically created to recognise your growth and how you've scaled your business.

Now, scaling one business might be different as scaling another. So for some businesses, scaling is all about growing in region and in size, for another business it might be about growing numbers of employees. Scaling is always going to need a certain element of commercial growth in it as well.

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“I've raised investment for my business, am I ready to enter awards?”

One thing that's essential to note about scaling your business, it's not just about getting investment.

We’re often asked if a business is ready for awards just because it's raised investment. And we often say no, not yet. Not unless you've had an impact.

So no matter what point you're at in your scaling journey, think about the impact that you're having first, and then work backwards from that as to how you got there.

Whether you've grown super rapidly, or slow and steady, if you are growing, awards judges want to see what the impact is that you're having and how you're getting there.

Questions to ask yourself;

Are you growing your people? Are you growing your product range? Are you growing your services? And how are you making that work on a larger scale now than it was originally? And if you have got investment; how can you prove that that investment is doing what it's meant to do?

Then you need to explain; how can you relate your growth to both your commercial performance, your customer experience, your employee experience and everything holistically around it?

How to win a scale up award

So don't just think that scale up awards or any awards around your growth are simply going to look at your figures. They want to look at you as a holistic business that is growing in a way that's stable and sustainable as well.

If you are a business that is scaling up, entering and winning awards is a fantastic opportunity to recognise your achievements, celebrate with your team and boost your business growth even further using the PR gained from winning.

And if you need help finding the perfect awards for your business, we are here for you!

We always recommend our clients begin with an awards strategy and our expert team are on hand to learn about you, your business and your goals to build your bespoke strategy and provide guidance and recommendations on the awards to enter.

If you’re ready to start your awards journey, contact our team today to get started.

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