Holding out for a hero

I previously shared our techniques for becoming the ‘guide' when it comes to creating engaging award entries. But here's another position you can take, depending on your business, and the award…

This time it's the ‘Hero' – because secretly, just like Bonnie (Tyler), judges are on the lookout for entries that resonate on a personal level, stories that leave an indelible mark on their hearts and minds. I have so many examples from my judging days every year that I will never forget.

How to spotlight the Hero in your award entries

However, take it from me, showcasing a ‘hero' can be tricky, and sometimes even a bit embarrassing if you get it wrong…

Here are 3 tips on how to position the hero when you're entering awards:

Identify Your Hero

The hero of your entry could be an individual, a team, or even an initiative that has made a significant impact. This is the heart and soul of your story. Remember, every hero's journey includes challenges, resilience, and ultimately, triumph. Dig deep to find that compelling narrative within your organisation that embodies these qualities.

Top Tip: Look beyond the obvious choices. Sometimes, the most powerful heroes are found in unexpected places, or in those who don't seek the spotlight.

Craft a Compelling Narrative

Once you've identified your hero, it's time to tell their story. But not just any story – a story that captivates, inspires, and sticks with the judges long after they've finished reading your entry. Structure your narrative to highlight the journey, the obstacles overcome, and the impact made.

Top Tip: Use vivid, emotive language to bring your hero's story to life, but leave the clichés and hyperbole behind. Show, don't just tell, their journey to make a lasting impression on the judges.

Provide Tangible Evidence

A hero's tale is only persuasive with evidence to back it up. This could be data, testimonials, or visual aids that corroborate the impact of your hero's actions. Evidence solidifies your story, transforming it from a good narrative into an award-winning entry.

Top Tip: Select evidence that directly supports the hero's journey and the outcomes achieved. Take time to develop the right data. Quality over quantity—choose the most powerful examples that illustrate the hero's impact.

Who or what is the Hero in your organisation?

When crafting your award entries, remember that judges want to be moved (even if they don't admit or know it), and to be shown a glimpse of something extraordinary.

By finding and showcasing the hero within your organisation, you create not just an award entry, but a memorable and inspiring story that stands out and will multiply its value time and time again.

Have a think about who or what is the hero in your business, and how you could position yourself this way if you haven't already. And when you're ready, book in your discovery call to chat with us about winning awards for your business.

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