Simba and Rafiki in the Lion King. The Hero and the Guide.

There are many different techniques that we apply to award entries to make them stand out, but one secret weapon I love for B2B companies is identifying how they have become their client's ‘Guide'.

In every adventure story, we focus on the hero, but in awards, the guide also plays a crucial role.

Why? Because behind every triumph, there's a mentor, guiding the hero to the promised land.

The Hero vs. The Guide

The philosophy comes from Joseph Campbell's ‘Hero's Journey' (if you don't know it, google it, it's a fascinating story framework). And you'll see this played out a lot in films and books. My favourite hero and guide are Simba and Rafiki in the Lion King.

But in the B2B world, your business is that guide.

Awards judges are looking for businesses that not only excel in their own field but also help their clients to reach new heights. So when you position your business as a guide, you showcase not just your services, but your impact on the client's journey to success.

How to become the Guide in your award entries

Here are 3 tips on how to position yourself as the guide when you're entering awards:

Highlight Transformation

Your entry should vividly capture how your guidance transformed a client's situation from challenge to success. It's not just about the services you offer; it's about the journey you navigated together.

Top Tip: Use before-and-after scenarios to illustrate this transformation.

Demonstrate Empathy and Expertise

A guide understands their client's challenges deeply and applies their expertise to navigate through them. Show how your business listened, understood, and tailored solutions to meet unique needs.

Top Tip: Include client testimonials that describe your unique approach.

Provide Concrete Evidence of Impact

Your impact as a guide should be measurable and significant. Detail how your guidance led to tangible results for your clients, whether in revenue growth, efficiency improvements, or strategic achievements.

Top Tip: Use data and metrics to substantiate your claims. Awards judges love quantifiable proof of your impact as a guide!

How are you guiding your customers to success?

By positioning your B2B service business as a guide in your award entries, you're not just submitting an application; you're telling a story of transformation, collaboration, and success.

It's a narrative that resonates with judges and highlights the invaluable role you play in your clients' journeys, without trying to take over as the hero. After all, in the vast sea of B2B service businesses, those who shine brightest are the ones who illuminate the path for others. Let your award entry tell that story.

Have a think about how you are guiding your clients, and how you could position yourself this way if you haven't already. And when you're ready, book in your discovery call to chat with us about winning awards for your business.

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