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Congratulations – you've been shortlisted or won an award! But what next…?

Now you can start getting some real impact and return on investment from your awards results. Check out the tips below in our 8-point PR plan:

1. Tell Your Team

Tell your team about your award results to recognise and reward their achievements and motivate them to achieve even more. If they don’t know why you were shortlisted, share your story, it’s good for them to know what you are doing well that’s got you this far, they are your best advocates!

2. Prepare Media Assets

Consider what media assets you have that you can use to share your results. Many awards will give you a finalists' logo, but if not, you can easily make some effective, eye-catching social media images using a free online tool like Canva.

3. Add a Logo

Add your logo or image to the footer of your company emails, your social channels and your website. If you win multiple awards, you could even create a dedicated awards page on your website – just like Emma Mattress has done – this will show visitors why they should choose you.

4. Tell Your Customers

Share the news with your existing customers – people like nothing better than to know they picked a good company to buy from or work with, and this is a great time to prompt their memory and see if you can offer them anything new. You could even make a ‘celebration’ offer to generate immediate new business.

5. Share on Social Media

Share the news on social media in a way that supports your purpose and goals. People are more interested in why you have been shortlisted or won, than the pure fact that you have. Use imagery that showcases your people, projects or products and add the awards organisers and any partners in your posts for maximum reach.

6. Create a Press Release

Don’t underestimate the power of the local and trade press – these publications are more likely to include your story, which will boost your PR and Google rankings, and this is where the nationals spot their next stories. Always send to a named editor if possible – they're usually listed in the publication… this proves you read it!

7. Share Your Success

Create your own “Who Wins When You Win” campaign. We will share your success with our charity partner when you win, and you could do the same for whoever you support, or you could devise a new way of celebrating and rewarding those around you when you win. This will give you another story to share with your audience!

8. Next Steps…

Don’t forget to check if your award has a presentation process to prepare for, or if you have booked your seats for the event. You need to be in it to win it, but it’s not about the volume of seats you take, but representing your brand positively – no matter what the final result.

So there you have it: plenty of opportunities to spread the word and get your winning message out there to a wide audience including your team, your customers and the local community – as well as potential customers.


If you would like to increase your chances of success at the European CXAs – or any other upcoming awards – we recommend attending our next Awards Strategy session, where you will benefit from a wealth of useful tips and pointers about how to pick the awards you could win and build an effective awards strategy for your business.

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