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Are you off to an awards ceremony over the next few weeks?
Is it your first time at an awards event?
Are you planning what to wear on the big night?

Fear not… we’re here to ensure you rock up feeling confident on your big night. Follow our helpful tips and you might even steal the show!


If you get the opportunity to either present or collect an award, this is your moment to shine, enjoy every second and don't be afraid to bring your personality and make that moment work for you!

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What you should wear is heavily dictated by the type of event, and all of this information should feature on the invitation. 


Some of the most common dress codes you’ll see on an event invitation are listed here – but nowadays, we're pleased to see a lot more freedom, creativity and self-expression celebrated even at the most formal ceremonies. It's also a wonderful time to share your traditional cultural dress codes, too, so don't let an awards invitation or dress code put you off sharing the outfits that are special to you. 

Business: This is often the code for a daytime event with awards presentations, wear what you would feel comfortable wearing to work or to another business event. 

Cocktail: The traditional cocktail wear is dresses just above or below the knee, and suits, but not necessarily jackets and ties.

Formal: Longer length gowns and dresses, or a complete suit with a tie.

Black Tie: Black Tie tends to be the most very formal dress code, but either cocktail length or full-length dresses, jumpsuits or complete tuxedos are welcome.

What to wear to an awards ceremony


Most awards events give you the opportunity to party at the end of the night, so don't be afraid to take a pair of comfy shoes to dance the night away. A lot of networking and business is also conducted at awards nights, so think about creating a digital business card with a QR code, so you can quickly connect and keep in touch. Other than that, just have your phone at the ready for some fabulous event selfies and team pictures, these can be hugely valuable to share your success on social and with your team.


Dress code can also vary according to the type of industry that the event is being held for. For example, at media and creative awards nights (such as design awards), there's often a more relaxed or alternative take on evening wear. It can even be a night to showcase your flair and newest designs. On the other hand, if you are attending an awards night for a corporate company, a more traditional environment may lead to a more traditional dress code. Entrepreneur awards give you a great chance to show off your personal brand through your style choice if that's your thing, or to stay traditional, whatever feels best for you. 

Ultimately, the most important thing is you can be you and just focus on celebrating with your colleagues on your big night out!

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