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Every year on The Queen's Birthday, the Queen’s Awards for Enterprise award winners are announced.

Each winner will have had their own motivation for entering; recognition for an innovative product or service, to differentiate themselves from their competitors, recognition for their exporting success or simply for the prestige.

No matter the motivation for entering, every winner comes away knowing they are one of the best businesses in the UK.


Not only do you receive an invitation to Buckingham Palace, the Lord Lieutenant of your County will visit your office as a representative of The Queen. The representative will award the company with a Grant of Appointment and a commemorative crystal bowl with the winner's emblem.

This is a really fantastic opportunity to get all of your employees, stakeholders, family and friends involved for a real celebration and to be part of the presentation ceremony. You can also invite local journalists and photographers to document the event and get some valuable news coverage and PR, letting everyone know of your success!


For the five years following the win, all winners are granted the use of the official Queen’s Awards for Enterprise winners emblem. The emblem represents prestige, notable achievement and is recognised globally. It’s a fantastic asset to use on your website, email signature, marketing materials and packaging.

Businesses who enter and unfortunately don’t win can still find the experience of entering beneficial. Unsuccessful entrants receive feedback, providing targets to work towards and outlining where they may need to focus to be successful next time around. This feedback isn’t just beneficial for re-entering but is often sound business advice to take forward and improve.


Winners of The Queen’s Awards for Enterprise have reported improvements across the business;

  • 77% of winners have reported increased commercial value for the business
  • 73% of winning businesses have seen employee engagement increase
  • 73% of winners benefited from additional press coverage in local, national and industry press
  • 57% of International Trade winners received increased recognition from overseas

Most importantly, 85% of winners have said winning The Queen’s Awards for Enterprise have met or exceeded their expectations.

Like most awards, it’s how you respond and utilise a win that can determine how much success you achieve off the back of the win.

An award like The Queen’s Awards for Enterprise needs to be shouted about. It is a huge achievement that is a fantastic tool to win new customers, clients, contracts, stakeholders and for recruitment. It is also a great statement to say to your existing contacts, ‘The Queen has recognised us as one of the best businesses in the UK!’


The Queen's Award for Enterprise programme opens in May and deadlines in September.

If you think your business has what it takes to win The Queen’s Awards for Enterprise, then get in touch! We will give you an impartial, honest consultation on your chances of winning and if you are eligible.

Over the years, we have had an 80 – 100% success rate with The Queen’s Awards. We will only take on clients who, we believe, have a high chance of winning and are the perfect candidate. Our success is your success.

Click here for more information on the categories and read our winners’ case studies.

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