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Individual Awards

Are you a director, entrepreneur or a business leader who has created positive results for your company, your employees and your industry?

Do you have future business plans for investment, merger, growth or sale? Or perhaps you would like to broaden your horizons by becoming a non-exec director for an organisation that could benefit from your knowledge and experience?

If you answered yes to any of the above, it’s time to start taking your professional profile seriously and viewing it from the outside in when it comes to awards.

Yes, you know how much you have achieved, and your employees, peers and competitors might even be aware of your work too. But do the people who have the power to make or break your next business move know what makes you stand out? Can they see any external credibility that backs up why they should pick you for their next role, investment or partnership?

Winning high-level awards for directors, entrepreneurs and business leaders verifies your achievements and can create a snowball of success, presenting you with excellent PR opportunities, fantastic networking events, and a firm step on the pathway to the next level in your life.

But don’t just take a stab in the dark when it comes to awards. Making sure you are a good fit for the awards you enter will give you good alignment with your peers and competitors, a better chance of success, and support your wider goals and plans.

Top Tip: If you don’t know which awards you could be in with a chance of winning, have a look at your nearest competitor’s awards, or pick out a peer you feel you have a similar story to and see which awards they have been winning recently. Now wouldn’t you like that award-winning profile to be yours?

Here’s a round-up of ten high-impact awards with categories for directors, entrepreneurs and business leaders…and this is just a taster, there are many more awards within your industry sector too:

Interested in entering? Make sure you allow plenty of time to create a compelling entry — these are rigorous awards and the entry requirements vary widely, with written entries ranging from less than 1000 words to more than 5000 words!

Are you a female director, entrepreneur or business leader? As well as all the awards above, there is also a whole genre of awards dedicated to women in business.

Watch this space for more tips on entering awards, or get in touch for free one-to-one advice on the awards you could be winning this year.

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