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Making your blog successful

So you know that blogging is something you should be doing nowadays, but you don’t necessarily know why, how to blog in business, or what makes a blog successful.

Read my short guide to blogging in business to get you started on the road to success:

Building your Personal Brand

In short, blogging (creating original content and distributing it online) enhances your Personal Brand; gives you credibility as the expert in your field; it makes you a Thought Leader (if you are inspirational and original enough), and makes you and your business visible across the world.

Plus, once you get started, it’s a free, efficient and effective way to connect, network, and build trust with potential customers.

I started blogging a couple of years ago, not for business but as a hobby. I felt that I needed a something creative and interesting that I could do at home (with no need for babysitters or expensive equipment) and that would be fun to do with my daughters, who were ready to learn about the world of digital in a way I hoped would be a safe and productive.

Being a writer, blogging was a natural opportunity for me, although it wasn’t necessarily easy.

Understanding what other people found interesting was a journey, in itself, but once I did, the rewards were absolutely worth the effort.

Fast-forward a few years, and now I blog for business both on this Communications Director blog and on my popular and extremely niche Awards Expert blog.

I also build other people’s blogs, teach people how to blog for business, and write and manage various fascinating blogs as part of my client’s professional profile-raising / Thought Leader / Personal Branding programmes.

How to start blogging

If you really want to blog for yourself, the very best way you will learn is to just jump right in and get started.

If you’re worried you’ll say or do the wrong thing and ruin your business (unlikely but always possible if you press publish on something particularly unpopular I suppose) then learn to blog on a topic unrelated to your business — if you’re really shy you can even create a new blog name so no one knows it’s you!

Read on to find out my top tips for getting started on blogging in business, and I even include a worksheet on how to find your blog USP, how to settle on your tone of voice, and how to pick topics that will engage with your audience.

Need help blogging?

If you need an expert to create your own beautiful blog or don’t have the time to blog yourself but don’t want to miss out on the benefits it can bring your business just contact me and I can take care of all your blogging in business needs.

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