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It was fantastic to be able to celebrate all the remarkable achievements of our talented and inspirational entrepreneurs at the 2021 Great British Entrepreneur Awards in London.

Hosted by Oli Barrett MBE and Wynne Evans (of GoCompare fame) at The Grosvenor House Hotel, this event brought together 1,200 entrepreneurs, business leaders and awards industry professionals for a star-studded celebration of entrepreneurial excellence that saw 159 businesspeople recognised for their achievements.

GBEA 2021 set up

Many congratulations go to Francesca James and her team for organising an exceptional event that will live long in the memory.

GBEA 2021 Steven Bartlett

Hugely successful entrepreneur and founder of Social Chain, Steven Bartlett – the newest (and youngest) Dragon – was a guest speaker, and was on hand to provide invaluable advice to inspire those in attendance.

GBEA 2021 regions

A total of up to eight regional winners were chosen for each of the 17 categories. Here's a summary of who came home victorious:

Creative Industries Entrepreneur of the Year

  • Mike & Alison Battle | Lapland UK (London & East of England)
  • Helen Routledge | Totem Learning (Midlands)
  • Claire Knight & Antonio Bachini | The Traveller and The Bear (North East)
  • Zoe Glencross | Zoe Glencross (North West)
  • Emma & Fergus Macdonald | The Tartan Blanket Co. (Scotland & Northern Ireland)
  • Jade Sammour | Dainty London Jewellery (South East)
  • Jonny Williams | BoomBocs (South West)
  • Jen Danger Harding | Danger Doodles (Wales)

Disruptor of the Year

  • Rob Bridgman | Snug (London & East of England)
  • Mark Smith | TruInvest (Midlands)
  • Joshua Gill | Everflow (North East)
  • Gary Gallen | rradar (North West)
  • Jonathan Waggott | Angel Guard (Scotland & Northern Ireland)
  • Constantine Karampatsos & Verity Batchelder | GoodLife Sorted (South East)
  • Charles Taylor, Johann Farhan & Joe Galliford | Sina Medical Technology
  • William Sachiti | Academy of Robotics (Wales)

Entrepreneur for Good Award

  • Nate Macabuag | Koalaa (London & East of England)
  • Gavin Mullaley & Dean Starr | Cornerstone Partnership (Midlands)
  • Chris Quickfall | Cognassist (North East)
  • Chelsea Slater & Jo Morfee | Innovate Her (North West)
  • Ruari Fairbairns | One Year No Beer (Scotland & Northern Ireland)
  • Keisha Ehigie | Imagine Me Stories (South East)
  • Jen Baughan | Solutions for the Planet (South West)
  • Mark Williams | LIMB-Art (Wales)

Entrepreneurial Spirit Award

  • Henry Faber & Walter Kerr | Oppidan Education (London & East of England)
  • Lorri Delahunty | VEGAN Happy Clothing (Midlands)
  • Charlotte Windebank | FIRST (North East)
  • Ben Pearson | BigClothing4U (North West)
  • Melanie Auld | Spice Pots (Scotland & Northern Ireland)
  • Sanjay Lobo | onHand (South East)
  • Teresa Swinton | Paradigm Human Performance (South West)
  • Adele Pember | Dog Furiendly (Wales)

Family Business Entrepreneur of the Year

  • Howard & Vivien Wong | Little Moons (London & East of England)
  • Paul Curtis | The Zeus Group (Midlands)
  • Helen Johnson & Matt Goddard | Decorating Centre (North East)
  • Claire Watkin | The Fine Bedding Company (North West)
  • David & Lou Rundle | Blue Star St Andrews (Scotland & Northern Ireland)
  • Khatuna McDermott | Red Edge Concept (South East)
  • Olly, Max & Josh Kohn | The Jolly Hog (South West)
  • Ross Jones & Rachel Lyndon-Jones | Ouma (Wales)

Fashion & Beauty Entrepreneur of the Year

  • Anna Brightman | UpCircle (London & East of England)
  • Oyinkansola Adebayo | Niyo Hair & Beauty (Midlands)
  • Kassi Emadi | Nuddy (North East)
  • Jimmy Hill | Hairbust (North West)
  • Fraser Angus & Daniel Morris | Lola’s Cosmetics (Scotland & Northern Ireland)
  • Priya Downes | Nueda (South East)
  • Jezz Skelton | Abbott Lyon (South West)

Food & Drink Entrepreneur of the Year

  • Harriet Hastings | Biscuiteers (London & East of England)
  • Jacob Watts, Max Poynton & Matthew Bond | Project D (Midlands)
  • Liam Manton & Mark Smallwood | Didsbury Gin (North West)
  • Sabine Klaus-Carter | Calvin’s Free-From Foods (Scotland & Northern Ireland)
  • Stuart MacDonald | ManiLife (South East)
  • Ellie Webb | Caleno Drinks (South West)
  • Scott Davies | Hilltop (Wales)
GBEA 2021 winners

Foreign Innovation Awards

  • Lynn Erasmus (Lynn Erasmus Ltd)

Health & Wellbeing Entrepreneur of the Year

  • Katherine Pither | Yogi Bare (London & East of England)
  • Maxine Laceby | Absolute Collage (Midlands)
  • Victoria Burnip | Unforgettable Experience (North East)
  • Lloyd Pearce | Trio Healthcare (North West)
  • Simas Jarasunas | Brite Drinks (Scotland & Northern Ireland)
  • Gordon Lott | Dr. Vegan (South East)
  • Katie Brindle | Hayo’u (South East)
  • Benjamin & Marc Shipman | The GO2 Brand (Wales)

Made in the UK Award

  • Sarah Simons & Sarah Purse | British Baby Box (London & East of England)
  • Rose Ovensehi | Flora + Curl (Midlands)
  • Helen Robinson | Féerie Telle (North East)
  • Brant Richard & Ed Oxley | HebTroCo (North West)
  • Genevieve Smart | Genevieve Sweeney (South East)
  • Shane Darwin | Mucky Nutz (South West)
  • Callum Griffiths | Clydach Farm Group (Wales)

Pivot Entrepreneur of the Year

  • Elizabeth Tweedale | Cypher Coding (London & East of England)
  • Ewan Jones & George Dyer | Protective Sportswear (Midlands)
  • Erin Graybill | Luxe England (North East)
  • Shay O’Carroll, Shaz Sulaman, Andy Sands & Rob Hilton | PixelMax (North West)
  • James Eagle | The Pished Fish (South East)
  • Ozi Maden | Ozi Lala Levantine Street Food (South West)
  • Michael Beck, Craig Lomax, Sean Thomas & Michael George | Reworking

Scale-Up Entrepreneur of the Year

  • Philip Belamant | Zilch (London & East of England)
  • Rob Stone | Instaloft (Midlands)
  • Jack Sutcliffe & Simon Hobson | Powersheds (North West)
  • Danny Campbell | HOKO Design (Scotland & Northern Ireland)
  • Timothy Brownstone | Kymira (South East)
  • Cas Paton | (South West)
  • Darren Briggs | Ascona Group Holdings (Wales)

Service Industries Entrepreneur of the Year

  • Jon Hulme & John Burke | Craft Gin Club (London & East of England)
  • Kamran Saleem | Motoserv UK (Midlands)
  • Samantha Read | APM Cleaning (North East)
  • Lee Chambers | Essentialise (North West)
  • Paul Hargreaves | Cotswold Fayre (South East)
  • Ross McCaw | Our People
  • Darren Briggs | Ascona Group Holdings (Wales)

Small Business Entrepreneur of the Year

  • Andrew Jervis | ClickMechanic (London & East of England)
  • Shailendra Singh | Cellomatics Bioscience (Midlands)
  • Wayne Spriggs | Lusso Stone (North East)
  • Nicky Story | Supplies for Candles and The Soap Kitchen (North West)
  • Rosemary Eribé | ERIBE KNITWEAR (Scotland & Northern Ireland)
  • Pam Gruhn | Frenchic Paint (South East)
  • Kirsty Passmore | Rock Pool Life CIC (South West)
  • Rhys King | RGifts (Wales)

Start-up Entrepreneur of the Year

  • Maria Rodriguez | Kind Bag (London & East of England)
  • Claire Ransom | Lazy Flora (Midlands)
  • Mike Davies | Haystack (North East)
  • Nick Redford | Zest Food Partners (North West)
  • Katrina Hutchinson O’Neill | Join Talent (Scotland & Northern Ireland)
  • Natalie Ward | Latched (South East)
  • Matt Dyson & Nick Webb | Rockit (South West)
  • Claire Copeman | Adventure Tours UK (Wales)

Sustainability Entrepreneur of the Year

  • Eve Kehkeh | Bundlee (London & East of England)
  • David Hanney & Nick Smith | Alpkit (Midlands)
  • Cecily Handerson & Katherine Rhodes | PomPom (North East)
  • Morten Toft Bech | Meatless Farm (North West)
  • Emma & Fergus Macdonald | The Tartan Blanket Co (Scotland & Northern Ireland)
  • Kathryn Jonas | Wild + Stone (South East)
  • Tom Carr & Richard Pearce | Verto Homes (South West)
  • Geryn Evans | Project Blu (Wales)

Young Entrepreneur

  • Krissy Cela | Tone + Sculpt (London & East of England)
  • Ben Amanna | Boxraw (Midlands)
  • Jonathan Grubin | SoPost (North East)
  • Sam Teale | Sam Teale Productions (North West)
  • Jack Francis | Pogo Studio (Scotland & Northern Ireland)
  • Victoria Poon | Alpaca Coffee (South East)
  • Keely Cat-Wells | C Talent (South West)
  • Joseph Ward | Smallspark Space Systems (Wales)
GBEA 2021 winner

Finally, it was time to award the coveted Great British Entrepreneur of the Year, which went to the founder of Zilch, Philip Belamant, who moved to the UK from South Africa in 2018 to set up his new business. Fast-forward three years and Zilch is valued at a staggering $2billion.

We were thrilled to celebrate the success of our amazing friends and clients who were shortlisted and winners across the categories, and who shone like the superstars they are among the absolute best in the UK.

Special mention must go to 11-year-old Ben O'Connor, who was comfortably the youngest entrepreneur to make the finals, and enjoyed his moment on stage with Wynne Evans and Oli Barrett MBE – an occasion he will never forget.

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