Emma Raducanu wins the US Open


When 18-year-old Emma Raducanu won the US Open on Saturday evening, the British teenager catapulted herself from the realms of ‘promising tennis youngster' to ‘global superstar' within just a few days.

Here are some of the resulting impacts that her phenomenal success has generated:

  • She has risen from outside the world's top 300 earlier this year to her present ranking of 23.
  • Her prize money alone for winning the US Open was $2.5million (£1.8million).
  • According to one sports expert, she has the potential to earn up to £100million from sponsorship deals and endorsements in the future.
  • She now has 1.8million followers on Instagram, and her recent post following the US Open triumph has attracted 1.1million likes (and counting).
  • She received a personal written message of congratulations from The Queen.
  • Her win will inspire a new generation of tennis (and sporting) stars – both in the UK and beyond.
Emma Raducanu wins the US Open

Despite her tender years, Emma has already cemented herself into British sporting history – the first Grand Slam winner from these shores since 1977 – and established a legacy that will ensure her future is in very healthy shape.

This solitary (yet hugely significant) success clearly illustrates what is possible when you commit yourself to something and scoop the top prize.


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