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With the much-anticipated Tokyo Summer Olympics finally here, it's time for the world's elite athletes to showcase their talents to the millions watching around the world. It's the culmination of many years' training and dedication in the quest for one moment of glory, the ultimate sporting award – an Olympic gold medal, and a legacy that guarantees their place in sporting folklore.

Considering what's at stake, it's hardly surprising that Olympic hopefuls put everything into their mission to succeed. No stone is left unturned. Nothing is overlooked. It's all or nothing.

It shouldn't be any different in the awards industry, however many entrants are failing to prepare like an athlete and are subsequently destined to taste defeat instead of victory. Of the 10 Awards Personas out there, only one typically wins – time after time – ‘The Athlete'.

10. The Athlete

Ultimately, The Athlete will enjoy much greater success due to their logical and carefully planned approach, combined with a winning mindset and a tenacious personality. The Athlete:

  • Knows what they want to achieve and what they need to do to get there
  • Plans, prepares and trains to win the top award — no matter how long it takes
  • Has a winning mindset that lets them jump hurdles and keep going until they succeed

So, to ensure you have every chance of scooping the prestigious award that you're considering (your ‘gold medal'), then it's time to stop waiting and start behaving like a winner – just like those determined and committed athletes in Tokyo.


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