The King’s Awards for Enterprise is the most prestigious business award a UK Business can win.

There are only 4 categories, each with rigorous eligibility criteria:


To enter the International Trade category, you must;

  • have had a minimum turnover of, £100k in overseas sales in each year of your entry
  • prove that your organisation’s overseas growth is outstanding for your business size and sector
  • prove steep growth in overseas sales over 3 years – or substantial year-on-year growth over 6 years

If you have already been awarded an International Trade award, you can apply for a new award, but only if you can prove;

  • substantial year-on-year growth over 6 years if you’re in the fifth and final year of your current award
  • steep year-on-year growth in overseas sales over 3 years if you’re in the second, third, fourth or final year of your current award


Have a look at some of the winners of The King’s Awards for International Trade from previous years;

Gresham Technologies Plc. – a leading software and services company providing real-life data integrity and control solutions. Gresham have been awarded the International Trade award for providing their award-winning software to some of the largest financial institutions across the world.

Winsted Ltd – providing the aerospace, broadcasting and security industries, among others, with high spec and ergonomic control room equipment, Winsted Ltd has been awarded their third award. With 50 years of experience manufacturing high-quality equipment, providing an excellent customer experience and a strong market focus, Winsted has gained an international reputation which is reflected in their overseas growth.

Symply Pet Food – providing natural food for dogs and cats, Symply has received the International Trade award for their international growth from a small family-run and owned business to a global enterprise. They now ship to over 45 countries and are looking to expand even more.

Adare International – the global marketing services provider, delivers outsourced marketing communications services to some of the world’s biggest brands. Adare has been awarded the award for the robust infrastructure they have built across Europe, North America and Asia Pacific whilst creating over 230 jobs and expanding their service portfolio


The awards are rigorous, but certainly not impossible to win — so long as you fit the criteria for the chosen category and sub-category, have a compelling narrative, and can tie up your strategy, your story, and your results in a way that shows you are outstanding. If the International Trade category isn’t the right fit for you, have a look at the other categories available for you to enter;


Find out if you are ready to enter the awards and how likely you are to succeed in the International Trade category by contacting us today.  Arrange your consultation, and we will provide an honest assessment of your chances of winning.

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