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Congratulations, you’ve been shortlisted as a finalist!

Next, you have to present to a panel of judges and show them why you should win. No pressure. 

Your presentation could be the difference between whether you win or lose, so it’s important to get it right.

We know how to create an award-winning presentation. 88% of our clients win the awards we create a presentation for. 

Plus, August CEO Donna O’Toole often chairs judging panels, she’s even won an award for it

So here are our top six tips on how to create an award-winning presentation.

It’s all in the planning

‘Fail to prepare, prepare to fail’

Before you start, find out as much information as possible; 

  • What is the judging criteria
  • How long should your presentation be
  • Is there a Q&A section?
  • What equipment is provided
  • How many presenters are allowed

Now that you know everything about the process, you can begin to create your presentation!

Presentation Tools

There isn’t a one-size-fits-all presentation tool. You need to choose what you are comfortable with.

If you’re an experienced speaker, you could stand in front of the judges and deliver your presentation. Or you might bring your team. Whatever works best for you, and the category.

Video always works well in a presentation. But it needs to fit the criteria and score points.

Every minute you are presenting is valuable. So do not add video as an excuse to fill time, the judges will work you out.

And always have a plan B.

Bring handouts when you are using a PowerPoint, and don't panic if your video doesn’t play. Saving your presentation to a memory stick as well as a laptop is always a good idea too.

Death by PowerPoint

We’ve all had to sit through a PowerPoint presentation that goes on and on and on…

‘Death by PowerPoint’ is an easy mistake to make.

Judges can’t listen to you, read a slide and score you all at the same time (they’re only human, after all). Your presentation is a visual aid, that should enhance what you are saying.

Make it on brand, simple, clear and concise.

Listen to David JP Phillips TED talk on how to avoid ‘death by PowerPoint’ and get some handy tips.

Your Presentation A-Team

Your presentation team will represent your business, so you need to pick the right people.

Consider the category, who is available on the day, who knows the project or business best and who is confident in speaking and answering questions.

For example, if you’re shortlisted for Team of the Year, make sure the vital team members are present. Or if you’re shortlisted for Company of the Year for your industry, you will need to have people who know the business well.

The judges can ask very specific questions, and you should have the best people in the room to answer them and score extra points.

And remember, everyone in the team has to have something to say and bring value to the presentation.

You won’t get away with bringing someone to stand there and look pretty. Or give the talkative, confident team member all the lines – the judges will see through it!

Create your Winning Content

So you know the judging criteria, how you’re going to create your presentation, and your team. Time for the content!

Start with an introduction outlining your story and the conclusion it will lead to. Highlight the important points, objectives, actions and results.

Remember, the judges have already read your written entry so don’t worry about spoilers!

Use the criteria to structure the content and address each point fully. Videos and images will make an emotional connection with the judges. Graphs and tables will provide evidence and show off your results.

To conclude your presentation, tell the judges your biggest results and achievements again. And end with a passionate, rewarding and positive conclusion.

“Tell them what you are going to tell them. Tell them. Then tell them what you told them.” – Aristotle.

Present with Confidence

Our tips for building presentation confidence are based on the four Ts;

  • TED
  • Team
  • Transport
  • Technology

Watch TED talks for advice on how to present confidently. TED speakers are infamous for giving powerful, emotive speeches and captivating their audiences.

Where better to get some presenting tips from than watching the pros?

Practice, practice, practice.

Learn your lines, choose your order and rehearse.

Recording your team rehearsals is a great way to find sticking points and where you need to improve. Now’s your chance to fix these issues before the big day.

Don’t leave the transport and logistics of the judging day to the last minute. To be confident on the day, you need to be calm and relaxed. So don’t allow a delayed train to get you in a flap!

Arrive with plenty of time to spare, and you will be able to keep yourself calm and collected.

When you are using tech, make sure you have everything you need (leads, cables, speakers etc.) and that you are confident using it.

If you are ever in doubt about what you need, always contact the awards organiser. They want to make your experience as smooth as possible.

Need a hand?

You’ve done so well to get to the finals, your presentation is the final hurdle to getting your hands on the trophy!

Use our tips to create your own award-winning presentation, or get in touch!

We will create your presentation for you and coach your team through it. Giving you the best chance of winning, saving you time, and putting your team at ease.

Get in touch if you are a finalist that would like some help with your finalist presentation.

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