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We were thrilled to exhibit at the 2018 UK Employee Experience Awards, and we had a great day. Donna O’Toole, August CEO, chaired the panel of judges for the Technology for Productivity Category – the competition was fierce!

Awards International organise the awards and CEO Neil Skehel awarded Donna with the prestigious Outstanding Contribution to Judging Award. Donna has judged and chaired at Awards International awards 10 times in her career. She has helped Awards International shape how the awards are scored with a simpler, fairer system.

Outstanding Contribution to Judging, Donna O'Toole, August, Awards Consultancy, Awards Experts, UK Employee Experience Awards

Award-Winning Support

Throughout the year, we’ve been supporting businesses with their award entries, including clients who came out on top to win awards at the Employee Experience Awards.

By supporting businesses with their entries, we help them to show their fantastic initiatives and projects in the best light. The hard work is all theirs and their teams, we just provide expert award entry writing, presentation support and coaching to get them the recognition they deserve.

Outsourcing vs In-house

In all aspects of business, choosing whether to use agencies or use in-house resources is always a big decision. There are pros and cons on either side.

Writing award entries in-house gives you the benefit of having someone who knows the business inside out. However, this can also be a downfall. A writer from inside the business may make assumptions and struggle to be objective in their writing.

Outsourcing to an awards consultancy gives a third-person objective, and gives an excellent opportunity for a new perspective which will be more likely to impress the judges. Asking the experts to write your award entries also relieves your team of the additional workload on top of their everyday responsibilities.

How to Present Perfectly

Many awards have a second stage in the judging process where businesses get to bring their story to life in front of a panel of judges. Winning award presentations are different to a sales pitch and are the difference between a great company winning or losing out on an award.

Our support for businesses doesn’t stop at the written entries, we also craft presentations and coach teams through their presentation technique.

If you have made it to the final stage of an awards competition, you already know the judges like your project! The presentation stage is your last chance to impress the judges and prove that you are the best in your category. You may have the best project or business, but if you can’t get that across to the judges, you’re not going to get that all important win.

There is an art to presenting at an awards final. With Donna’s expertise and experience from judging at many national award finals, we know the winning formula and can share it with you to help you become a winner too!

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