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The Business Book Awards in partnership with Pathway Group celebrates the work of authors who have shared their industry or market knowledge, experience and expertise in published book form.

With nearly half a million new business start-ups in the UK annually, the need and demand for business knowledge is greater than ever.

Entrepreneurs are avid readers of business books, they are keen to gain an insight into the experience of others and implement new strategies in the running of their own business. This increase in demand for business books has led to a revolution in the publishing sector.

Although big names in business continue to publish high-profile books, it is “Authorpreneurs” – consultants, industry experts and the founders and owners of smaller businesses – who are writing books in ever greater numbers.

Authors now have the choice of traditional publishers, self-publishing or using the services of hybrid publishers to produce and distribute their books in print, e-book and audio formats.

The Business Book Awards highlight the quality and variety of business books in the market.

They offer industry-wide recognition to new and established authors writing on a range of subjects for a diverse readership, with no barriers to entry; we welcome entries from UK publishers and authors for all categories; and from authors living or published overseas in the International category.

The Business Book Awards give every author and all publishers of business books the opportunity to participate in a high quality, impartial judging process.

They allow all authors that enter, are short-listed or win to publicise and sell more books; shortlisted and winning authors to gain recognition and more business.

The Awards instil aspiration in entrants and pride in winners; the ongoing process inspires other budding writers to come forward and publish their work.

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