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The Learning Technologies Awards

The Learning Technologies Awards are the most independent and sought-after awards in the industry.

They recognise the commitment, enthusiasm and passion for learning technologies across the world.

Finalists are selected by our independent judging panel of experts organised by the Learning Network.

Registration for entries will open in May 2024. Stay informed and be among the first to know when registration opens by subscribing to our newsletter.

The Gatwick Diamond Business Awards

The Gatwick Diamond is a key economic area, not just for the South East, but for the whole country.

The Gatwick Diamond is home to a vast range of businesses, which span all sectors of the economy, from household names to niche companies, and from multinationals to sole traders.

The Gatwick Diamond Business Award winners are those businesses, organisations or people who have shown innovation and inspiration in their work and have demonstrated a real commitment to this fast-developing region.

With a range of awards recognising innovation, environmental, customer service and performance credentials, they are an opportunity to come together and celebrate the very best of our business community.

As a not-for-profit organisation, owned and run by our members, our purpose is to support the success of Gatwick Diamond businesses and to promote the Gatwick Diamond as an economic area of regional and national importance.

To achieve this, we aim to be recognised by businesses and partners as the top membership organisation for facilitated business networking, knowledge sharing and partnering.

Our support adds tangible value to members and, through their success, we make a significant contribution to the Gatwick Diamond economy.

We are also recognised as an informed and respected voice of business in the Gatwick Diamond, championing private and public-sector investment to help create the best possible environment for our businesses to prosper and grow.

BizX Awards

The prestigious BizX Awards ceremony honours the accomplishments, achievements, values and contributions of businesses and their owners across the UK, Europe, the Middle East and Africa… in an exciting setting of innovation, networking and education.

It can be used to motivate and highlight the great work of your team to provide them with a level of confidence that will generate productivity and growth throughout your company. After all, success in these awards is a reflection of not only your success but the success of your entire team!

You’re welcome to enter one, or if you prefer, a number of different categories, subject to your eligibility.

A valid entry must include all of the following documentation.

• A fully completed entry form with all required information (*) completed
• Maximum 10 pages of appendices for supporting information (optional)
• A high-resolution company logo (.jpeg, .eps, .pdf, .ai, .png)

The Speaker Awards

The Speaker Awards are our way of celebrating the talents of top class speakers who know how to engage and inspire people, whether online or face-to-face.

We created these awards to give a well-deserved standing ovation to those who work hard to share their knowledge and stories, making a real impact on their audiences.

It’s not just an awards ceremony; it’s a chance for speakers to connect, share experiences, and grow together in their craft, fostering a supportive community that values the art of speaking.

You’ll be judged based upon:


• Structure: The talk is well-structured and well communicated.
• Engaging: The content was engaging and held your attention.
• Message: The content is clear, concise and easy to follow.


• Stage Presence: The speaker has stage presence, is credible and commands attention.
• Tonality: Excellent use of tonality, voice, variety and articulation.
• Body Language: Effective use of body language that adds to rather than distracts.


• Marketable: You can clearly see a market for the speaker, and it’s clear what they are known for.
• Client Ready: You have a client in mind for the speaker. You would book or promote the speaker today.
• Memorable: The speaker has a talk or stage presence you’ll remember days after seeing them.

Technical – Showreel & Virtual Speaker Categories Only.

Production Quality: The video submitted has high-quality sound, video and editing.

TEDx: TEDx Category Only.

The Idea Is Worth Spreading: The idea worth spreading is clear – The talk is well-structured, and the content is engaging.

Wellity Workplace Wellbeing Awards

Launched in partnership by the founders of the Great British Entrepreneur Awards and industry experts and Great British Entrepreneur alumni brand Wellity Workplace Wellbeing, this programme shines a spotlight on those positively changing the lives of the Great British workforce.

These awards have been launched to recognise and champion the incredible steps taken by many employers, service providers and individuals in response to our global wellbeing crisis.

Measures to increase employee engagement can help reduce absenteeism and presenteeism.

The wellbeing culture has moved from being a nice-to-have to a big strategic issue, and this programme will shine a spotlight on and recognise organisations who are putting workplace wellbeing at the heart of their business.

We encourage HR teams and business leaders alike to invite their employees to hear from leaders across different sectors on the challenges the global wellbeing crisis has brought to the forefront of business.

Wellbeing programmes are becoming a defining feature of business’ culture, helping to develop resilient, successful organisations.

Companies that have a mental health strategy have leapt ahead of those without, in terms of the progress they have made in creating more open, positive corporate cultures.

• Commitment to wellbeing is the most important habit of all: The specific behaviour an employee chooses to embrace isn’t nearly as important as the act of simply committing to engage in a healthy habit that is personally meaningful.

• Engaging in wellbeing programs builds better teams: When employees engage in corporate wellbeing programs that help foster habits and attitudes on the individual level, the impact radiates to their teams and even client relationships, fostering environments of inclusion, belonging and improved citizenship behaviour.

• Technology boosts wellbeing: Employees and teams that leveraged technology (via a wearable device or tracking app to track wellbeing) during the study reported more positive perceptions of team collaboration and client relationships.

• Inclusive leadership and teamwork enable wellbeing to thrive: The work environment must be aligned with healthy behaviours for wellbeing to flourish. Specific environmental factors, such as inclusion, positive team dynamics and leadership/manager support, have a direct, positive result on employee wellbeing.

UK Employee Experience Awards (UKEEA)

Mark your calendars for May, as the finals’ presentation unfolds online via Zoom.

Witness finalists showcase their shortlisted entries live to esteemed judging panels.

Engage in dynamic discussions as judges pose follow-up questions, delving deeper into the presentations.

The anticipation peaks in May in 116 Pall Mall, London, as we gather for the long-awaited Awards Ceremony.

But before the grand finale, immerse yourself in The State of EX conference.

Seasoned employee experience professionals will delve into a myriad of EX topics and deliver inspiring keynotes, setting the stage for transformative insights.

Join us at the State of EX conference, where brilliance meets innovation, with Christina Dolding leading the way.

Prepare for a day of learning and networking amidst the backdrop of change management and workplace transformation.

Our insightful keynotes will ignite your inspiration, while last year’s winners share their triumphant stories.

As dusk falls, the stage transforms for the Awards Ceremony, hosted by the amazing Emma Dark.

Gather with judges and finalists for a night brimming with excitement and joy.

Savor a delightful drinks reception, followed by an exquisite three-course dinner.

Engage in our charity raffle before we unveil the champions of the UK EXA’24, setting the stage for an unforgettable afterparty.

UK Customer Experience Awards

Recognising those inspiring organisations who are delivering an outstanding customer experience.

The UKCXA™ by Awards International® celebrates the inspiring efforts of the UK’s customer experience professionals and gives them a unique opportunity to get industry recognition for their hard work and noteworthy results. Getting involved is easy!

Visit our “how to enter” page to start your awards journey.

If you need any assistance with the entry process, be sure to book a call with our consultant, Stevan Jankovic.

The UK Customer Experience Awards offers 25 categories, each celebrating a particular aspect of CX excellence. We’ve divided the categories into four main sections:

• CX Classics
• CX Spotlight
• EX Spotlights
• CX Professionals

Each company can enter up to 10 categories, with one or multiple initiatives.

Our commitment to fairness and transparency sets standards across the whole awards industry – we’ve consistently been awarded the Outstanding Trust Mark.

The Awards Trust Mark scheme is a not-for-profit accreditation programme run by The Independent Awards Standards Council with the goal of, as the name suggests, enhancing trust between those entering awards schemes, and the organisations running them.

Also, all our judges are independent business professionals of the highest calibre: they will assess your entry with full impartiality and share constructive feedback, helping you to continue improving your CX.

UK Business Awards (UKBA)

Celebrating the inspiring efforts of micro, SMEs and large organisations in business excellence and gives them a unique opportunity to get industry recognition for their hard work and noteworthy results.

Brought to you by Awards International, UK Business Awards celebrates the inspiring efforts of micro, SMEs and large organisations in business excellence and gives them a unique opportunity to get industry recognition for their hard work and noteworthy results.

Our mission is to give our winners the recognition, learning, and networking opportunities they deserve, all in a safe, fair, and transparent way.

We’re back in London to recognise the best of British Business.

• Live online finalists presentations in front of a judging panel
• In-person build-up to the awards featuring Doing Business NOW
• In-person Awards Ceremony in London
• Upgraded resources that can help you win or judge
• Free entrants & judge consultations
• Free webinars to help you win
• Brand-new categories
• Access to the Awards TV and finalists’ presentations

Scale-Up Awards

The awards are organised by Business Leader, the leading media company for entrepreneurs, founders, CEOs, investors, advisors and business leaders.

Open to all UK companies regardless of sector or size, the Scale-Up Awards is the UK’s most exciting and dynamic celebration of business achievement and growth.

Hundreds of award entries, a world-class panel of judges and a fantastic gala evening.

An independent judging panel assesses hundreds of entries and finalists attend a prestigious gala dinner where winners are announced.

The Awards is supported by some of Britain’s most respected organisations and financial institutions.

National Business Women’s Awards

Welcome to the National Business Women’s Awards, a credible opportunity to support and share in our vision to raise the profile of industrious, hard-working and enterprising Business Women Nationally.

Business awards are a sought after accolade of achievement, a veritable endorsement of success in business which offers exceptional marketing and PR opportunities as well as increasing your credibility and standing in the eyes of your peers and your customers.

Of course, it feels pretty wonderful too!

You can enter up to 3 different categories.

The National Business Women’s Awards are made up of 22 categories that allow any successful business in the UK to enter these prestigious awards.

All entries are judged by up to 4 of our national panel of judges.

If you want your business to shine, this IS the best possible way to hit the spotlight.

The pinnacle of the awards is the Grand Awards Celebration in October 2024.