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The Moore Kingston Smith Redhill office wanted to recognise the hard work that had gone into their employee engagement and wellbeing activities over recent years.

Their clients and employees were happier than ever. Their initiatives were working brilliantly internally, but the wider business community did not know of their progress. And they were ready to shout about their success.

Paul Samrah, Partner, Moore Kingston Smith LLP explains; “We got in touch with Donna because we wanted someone to look at our business objectively and tell us if we were doing something different or exceptional. We were doing so many different things to benefit our employees and customers, but we didn’t know which ones to pick out or where the focus would be from an awards perspective.”


Moore Kingston Smith is a leading firm of accountants and business advisers. The Redhill office is a local hub of 4 partners and 30 staff. With over 18 years of experience serving the Gatwick Diamond, Surrey and Sussex area.

Their clients and employees are often also based in the South. They wanted to show they are a great employer and business to work with. So it made great sense to focus on winning a highly-regarded local award that would touch the surrounding business community.

The Gatwick Diamond Business Awards were the perfect fit. The awards celebrate people and businesses in the ‘Gatwick Diamond’ area who are innovative, inspirational and committed to the region.


We made it our business to find out everything about Moore Kingston Smith’s excellent employee culture, digital transformation, wellbeing initiatives and so much more. They had a really strong story, with great results to back it up, and so the work began…

It was our job to take all their hard work and ensure it was clear and easy for the judges to identify what made them stand out. Hitting all the important criteria points and shining a light on their employee initiatives in a compelling and unique story.

The result? Moore Kingston Smith were crowned Employer of the Year at the GDB Awards!

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The Redhill team were delighted and surprised to win. It meant so much to them to have the external credibility of the awards shine a light on their work.

Team morale was immediately boosted. They were proud to be part of a business who really looks after their employees. And now they’re even more determined than ever to keep it up and stay the best!

Paul spoke on behalf of the team in his feedback, saying:

“We’re very excited to win Employer of the Year at the Gatwick Diamond Business Awards. We value our team members, who are valuable assets, and actively support them with career development, modern working practices, family-friendly initiatives and regular social activities.”

“Aspiring awards entrants would do well to engage with Donna & her team at August to significantly enhance their entry. Thank you again Donna”

Thank you, Paul! And huge congratulations to Moore Kingston Smith! Not just for winning the award, but for truly being a fantastic employer and role model to other businesses.

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