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In March 2019, we ran our highly successful, one-of-a-kind How to Win Awards Masterclass (now rebranded to our Awards Accelerator), hosted by Kingston Smith.

Our awards training masterclass was attended by business leaders, communication managers and business professionals from a wide range of industries, all with the same motivation – to win awards for their businesses!

Not even 6 months later and the success stories are coming through!

First Impression Training

August CEO Donna O’Toole and First Impression Training (FIT), Training Director Marie Cross met whilst judging at multiple national awards finals.

FIT specialise in developing the organisations’ frontline customer service and telesales teams, through tailor-made learning and development solutions designed to enhance the customers’ experience.

In December 2018, FIT set out their business plan for 2019 – they wanted to practice what they preach and become industry leaders by entering reputable award programmes suited to their business goals, and their clients as a partnership.

Marie knew exactly what an award-winning entry, business and presentation looked like, but as a publicity agent for her own business, she needed some expert advice and help on how to ‘blow her own trumpet’ and get the well-deserved recognition FIT deserve!

“I booked myself onto what is considered the Awards Training Masterclass, run by the fabulous Donna O’Toole, CEO of August Consultancy, to learn all the tricks & tips for writing an award-winning entry and, more importantly, learn how to ‘blow my own trumpet’ in a super-slick and professional way.”

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How to Win Awards Masterclass

Throughout the day, we covered everything Marie and our other attendees needed to know about awards – from start to finish;

  • How to discover the awards and categories that fit their business goals and how to create an awards strategy
  • How to develop their USP and create a story that scores EXTRA points with the judges
  • How to write a bullet-proof nomination with our unique methods for deconstructing awards criteria
  • How to Improve ALL communications and win awards using our professional writing techniques
  • How to create compelling evidence and support materials using internal and external resources
  • How to assess the impact of their award entries using our tools to evaluate their chances of winning
  • How to create a powerful presentation and impress the judges with a winning awards pitch
  • How to raise their profile and profits with a Press Release and Social Media strategy, to make the most of their award wins!

Success Stories

We are thrilled and proud to hear that since attending our training day, Marie has taken our techniques and advice and written some fantastic entries which have been shortlisted and WON in both the UK Customer Experience Awards and UK Business Awards;

FINALISTS for a partnership submission with their client, Equiniti, for Best Customer Experience Training of the Year at the UK Customer Experience Awards

BRONZE WINNERS for a partnership submission with their client, Equiniti, for Customer-Centric Organisation of the Year at the UK Business Awards

GOLD WINNERS for an independent submission for Professional Services for their culture change programme ‘Journey to Service Excellence’ which they delivered for Equiniti, at the UK Business Awards

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“If you’re ever considering entering one of the many National Award Programmes which Donna and her team at August are closely connected with, and you’d like some pucker advice and help in getting you onto that winning podium, then get in touch with Donna and let her help you blow that trumpet of yours!”

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If you’re inspired by Marie’s story and would like to improve your chances of winning awards, get in touch. We will be running more How to Win Awards Masterclass Training days in the future, so please let us know you're interested.

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