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The European Customer Experience Awards™, organised by Awards International, is the pre-eminent platform for honouring CX excellence across Europe.

Our mission is to give our winners the recognition, learning and networking opportunities they deserve and to help shape and advance global CX standards.

Our panels of impartial judges and our fair and transparent evaluation process ensure that an ECXA™ accolade is synonymous with prestige and accomplishment.

Our CX leaders and teams of all sizes know they can sit at the international CX table and be role models for their peers.

This year’s European Customer Experience Awards has 24 categories, each celebrating a particular aspect of CX excellence.

We’ve divided the categories into three main sections:

• CX Classics
• CX Spotlight
• CX Professionals

Each company can enter up to 10 categories, with one or multiple initiatives.

You can find the full list of categories by visiting our categories page or downloading our plan2win® brochure.

With Awards TV, you have a passport to relive the exceptional moments of the European Customer Experience Awards – this feature ensures you don’t miss a beat.

• Watch CXCoffee, the breathtaking intro to the Awards Finals.
• Use the opportunity to access all the open finalists’ presentations.
• Enjoy a front-row seat to the captivating build-up to the awards featuring CXTrendTalks™.
• Watch the grand finale—the breathtaking Awards Ceremony.

Step into a world of inspiration and achievement with the exclusive Awards TV feature, available on Awards Manager to all participants two weeks after the highly anticipated European Customer Experience Awards.

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