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Launched in partnership by the founders of the Great British Entrepreneur Awards and industry experts and Great British Entrepreneur alumni brand Wellity Workplace Wellbeing, this programme shines a spotlight on those positively changing the lives of the Great British workforce.

These awards have been launched to recognise and champion the incredible steps taken by many employers, service providers and individuals in response to our global wellbeing crisis.

Measures to increase employee engagement can help reduce absenteeism and presenteeism.

The wellbeing culture has moved from being a nice-to-have to a big strategic issue, and this programme will shine a spotlight on and recognise organisations who are putting workplace wellbeing at the heart of their business.

We encourage HR teams and business leaders alike to invite their employees to hear from leaders across different sectors on the challenges the global wellbeing crisis has brought to the forefront of business.

Wellbeing programmes are becoming a defining feature of business’ culture, helping to develop resilient, successful organisations.

Companies that have a mental health strategy have leapt ahead of those without, in terms of the progress they have made in creating more open, positive corporate cultures.

• Commitment to wellbeing is the most important habit of all: The specific behaviour an employee chooses to embrace isn’t nearly as important as the act of simply committing to engage in a healthy habit that is personally meaningful.

• Engaging in wellbeing programs builds better teams: When employees engage in corporate wellbeing programs that help foster habits and attitudes on the individual level, the impact radiates to their teams and even client relationships, fostering environments of inclusion, belonging and improved citizenship behaviour.

• Technology boosts wellbeing: Employees and teams that leveraged technology (via a wearable device or tracking app to track wellbeing) during the study reported more positive perceptions of team collaboration and client relationships.

• Inclusive leadership and teamwork enable wellbeing to thrive: The work environment must be aligned with healthy behaviours for wellbeing to flourish. Specific environmental factors, such as inclusion, positive team dynamics and leadership/manager support, have a direct, positive result on employee wellbeing.

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Awards FAQs

If there’s anything you’re unsure of, please ask using the contact form below, we’re here to help!..

If you are entering as an employee, you must have permission tos tart an application from your employer. If you are entering a team award, you must have the permission of any team members that you will be including within your submission. There is also category-specific criteria, which are detailed in the category descriptions. You can find this information on the Categories webpage

Absolutely nothing! The Great British Workplace Wellbeing Awards are free to enter, and you may enter as many categories as you like!

The entry deadline is in November. You may make any edits to your application up to the entry deadline, upon which, the system will close for any edits and new submissions.

Yes! Our entry platform allows you to save your application in progress and come back to it before submitting.

Providing you meet the criteria for each category, yes! You’re free to enter as many as you like.

The supporting documents are not a compulsory part of the application. It won’t count against you if you do not include any, but they can help to illuminate your entry. Supporting documents could be testimonials, examples of press coverage, explainer videos, or impact reports, for example.

Yes, you can modify your application after submitting, up to the entry deadline.

Following the shortlisting process (which is done internally by our editorial team), the successfully shortlisted applications will be handed over to our independent judging panel. The Workplace Wellbeing Awards judging panel has supporters from multiple sectors, with each of our judges allocated to categories that match their areas of expertise. Entries will be judged based on the answers provided within the application form. As with any judging process, there is an element of subjectivity.

Before taking part in the judging process, all judges participating must sign a non-disclosure agreement. The only information that is shared with the judges from your entry are the questions from the ‘Application’ section of the process.


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