Winning business awards brings in more leads, supports your business growth, enhances your reputation, and gives customers, partners, and employees a strong, tangible reason to trust and choose you. That’s why award-winning businesses are more profitable than their non-award-winning competitors!

But there is no point in entering awards just for the sake of it.

Your award strategy should align with your key targets and business goals – these could be for example;

  • making new sales
  • entering new markets,
  • and recruiting the best talent

And there is so much you can gain from the awards you enter, even before you win, but only if you start with a clear awards strategy, and that's where we can help.

What we include in your awards strategy

So when we create an awards strategy we aim to help you get the most out of it by researching and investigating a whole range of awards for you with different purposes, these include:

  • Corporate awards for peer recognition and building new industry partnerships
  • Awards in your target customers’ industries – for recognition as an excellent supplier in a target industry, leading to new customer acquisitions and valuable relationships
  • Your competitors’ awards – looking at which awards your competitors win will help you stay ahead of the game and close any gaps in performance
  • Awards you can enter with your clients – adding value to your proposition to help win your pitches, highlight your successful projects, and strengthen client relationships
  • Regional, National and International cross-sector awards – for raising your business profile in target areas, high-level networking, and gaining national and global customers
  • Leadership, Entrepreneur, and Team awards – to raise your personal profile, become a Thought Leader, motivate employees, support a promotion, investment, or exit strategy

Get started on your awards strategy today!

There really is no time to lose, while you are thinking about awards, your competitors are winning them, and then taking your business!

We've created a tool to help you build the first steps of your awards strategy. Take the test and our Awards Generator tool will give you a free list of awards, so you can start building your very own awards strategy.

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