Roadmap to Recognition Activity Workbook

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Record and review your progress as you work your way through all Donna’s awards guidance in her book, WIN!

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To help you understand whether it’s the right time to enter and win awards – and which awards are most suited to your business – we have a range of tools that can be completed online in less than 5 minutes:

The Win Business Awards scorecard

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This measures your potential to win prestigious business awards by analyzing performance across the Six Pillars of Awards Success. It’s an ideal way of confirming if you’re ready to enter and win awards, as you will receive a % score at the end.

The Awards Generator

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This handy tool reveals the awards that match your achievements. On completion, you will instantly receive a bespoke business awards list as well as uncovering your specific awards-animal – perfect if you are ready to enter and win awards, but are not sure which awards are right for you.


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Join Donna O’Toole as she reveals everything you need to know about winning awards in her inspirational podcast – there's loads of exclusive content waiting for you to discover.

In honest and open interviews with award winners, judges, and the organisers behind the world's most loved awards, Donna reveals how to raise your profile with real-life awards stories, the latest awards trends, the do’s and don’ts of entering awards, what makes a winner, and more! Discover how the awards industry has reacted to the challenges of 2020, and find out what to expect as we head into a new era of awards and recognition so that you have the best chance of becoming a winner.

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Discover the secrets of winning awards and getting recognition from one of the industry’s leading experts.

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2. Download your Roadmap to Recognition Activity Workbook

Record and review your progress as you work your way through all Donna’s awards guidance in WIN!

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