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The Speaker Awards were created to recognise excellence and spotlight the incredible impact speakers are making in the world.

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About Us

The Speaker Awards are our way of celebrating the talents of top class speakers who know how to engage and inspire people, whether online or face-to-face.

We created these awards to give a well-deserved standing ovation to those who work hard to share their knowledge and stories, making a real impact on their audiences.

It’s not just an awards ceremony; it’s a chance for speakers to connect, share experiences, and grow together in their craft, fostering a supportive community that values the art of speaking.

You’ll be judged based upon:


• Structure: The talk is well-structured and well communicated.
• Engaging: The content was engaging and held your attention.
• Message: The content is clear, concise and easy to follow.


• Stage Presence: The speaker has stage presence, is credible and commands attention.
• Tonality: Excellent use of tonality, voice, variety and articulation.
• Body Language: Effective use of body language that adds to rather than distracts.


• Marketable: You can clearly see a market for the speaker, and it’s clear what they are known for.
• Client Ready: You have a client in mind for the speaker. You would book or promote the speaker today.
• Memorable: The speaker has a talk or stage presence you’ll remember days after seeing them.

Technical – Showreel & Virtual Speaker Categories Only.

Production Quality: The video submitted has high-quality sound, video and editing.

TEDx: TEDx Category Only.

The Idea Is Worth Spreading: The idea worth spreading is clear – The talk is well-structured, and the content is engaging.

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Awards FAQs

If there’s anything you’re unsure of, please ask using the contact form below, we’re here to help!..

The awards are open to anyone who meets the criteria of the related categories, and are willing to travel to London for the awards on in July if they are selected. (Attendance is mandatory)

You can enter up to 2 categories. However, you will need to complete, submit and pay for a separate application for each entry. The criteria for the categories will often vary, so you may need to tailor your nomination form according to the category you are entering.

Remember, you will be judged on your submission, so make sure you submit your best material in the format stipulated for each category. If you need support editing your video, our partner Shatter Media has a special offer to support applicants. Send your enquiry to [email protected]

Sit back and wait, meanwhile we will: – Review all submissions against the set criteria (if you’ve missed anything important, we’ll contact you to clarify) – Send all submissions to the judging panel for assessment – We will announce the shortlists on the Speaker Awards website and social media channels (Riverside/YouTube/LinkedIn) in May. – We will announce the winners at the awards ceremony in July

No, sorry, you need to submit your video as part of your application process in April.

Best Live Speaker: 3 to 5 minute excerpt (consecutive, not highlights) of your best live speaking event in 2023/24. Best Virtual Presenter: 3 to 5 minute excerpt (consecutive, not highlights) from your performance at an online speaking event in 2023/24. Best TEDx Speaker: Up to 10 minutes edited highlights of your 2023/24 TED/TEDx talk. Must include start and finish. Best Showreel: 2 to 3 minute. Your complete professional speaker showreel. Must include minimum 60 seconds of you speaking live

Yes. All awards submissions are treated as highly confidential. Only the Speaker Awards team and judging panel will view them.

When you enter the Awards, you commit to attending the Awards Event if you are shortlisted. Please check the date and time carefully. If you have made the shortlist but can’t attend, please let us know asap. If you are unable to make the event, we will ask you to provide us with contact details of someone who could collect your award on your behalf if you win.

The entry fee of £40 is a low barrier to entry to ensure quality applications. It goes towards the cost of administering the Speaker Awards. No judges or admins are paid for their work.

The Speaker Awards are open to speakers from every country and nationality. However, All applicants must be willing to Travel to the UK or send a representative to receive their Award At the Awards Ceremony on the 5th of July if you are shortlisted for an Award. This is at your own cost.


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